#525 Shoulders Of Silver Spoons

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Zen Museum #525-Shoulders Of Silver Spoons By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

shoulders of silver spoons

trying not to be bummed out

by myself

& so many others

lacking both

wealth & connections

so hey newton

you giant

what if i just hop

on your shoulders

in my mind

& at least enjoy

the view

from your perspective?

Immersing oneself in Zen Dageraad's poignant masterpiece, you're invited to explore a candid reflection on societal realities and the artist's yearning for equal opportunity. Enigmatically framed with two silvery symbols of privilege and happenstance, the piece provocatively challenges the status quo of artistic meritocracy. The symbols, appearing as both spoons and crosses, allow for a duality of interpretation, suggesting both inherited advantage and the spiritual undertones of sacrifice. Inherent in this work, is Zen Dageraad's homage to the wisdom of Isaac Newton, a concept that seems to offer some solace to the artist's contemplation of disparity. Visual metaphor conveys the artist's aspiration to ascend, to gain a unique viewpoint despite societal restrictions. The single eye balancing atop these 'privileged shoulders' imbues a sense of vulnerability and resilience, underscoring the universal struggle of seeking truth and wisdom amidst inequality. A profound lamentation echoes through Zen Dageraad's poetic prose, further resonating the melancholic, yet defiant spirit of this piece. The verses intricately weave into the visual narrative, reinforcing the desire to access insights of great minds, albeit from a disadvantaged standpoint.


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