#524 Don't Wanna

Zen Museum #524-Don't Wanna By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i don't wanna

be a loser


reflections don’t lie


i might as well

just be myself

shed tears

speak my truth

rest beneath this cool tree

where flowers bloom

and dreams can fly free

Zen Dageraad's emotive creation paints a profound narrative, extracting influence from the poignant song, 'I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier Mama.' Zen Dageraad transmutes lyrics into visual elements, etching a striking dialogue of resilience and vulnerability. An evocative grave illustrates the fear of mortality, while an eye, welling up with a single tear, conveys the angst of sorrow. Birds depict a refusal to flee, and a silenced mouth with a cross asserts a commitment to honesty. In contrast, Zen Dageraad incorporates symbols of hope and liberation. The cool, towering tree provides solace, a shelter from the turmoil; while the blooming flowers symbolize potential and rejuvenation. Amplifying the visual resonance is Zen Dageraad's poignant verse that complements the art. The words, acknowledging self-acceptance, resonate as the speaker finds comfort under the cool tree, where dreams are unchained, mirroring the liberation conveyed by the flowers in the artwork. Both Zen Dageraad's art and verse coalesce, weaving a tapestry of raw sentiment and evocative imagery, making an unforgettable commentary on the human condition.


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