#523 Night Lights

Zen Museum #523-Night Lights By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

walking home

from sasja’s party

late one night:

dark red sky

fields of blue

bright & yellow lights

simply a delight

A vivid portrayal of a nighttime stroll, Zen Dageraad's evocative work captures the enigmatic charm of urban illumination. Inspired by a journey home from a friend's soiree, the piece beautifully encapsulates Zen Dageraad's 70-minute nocturnal trek. His keen appreciation for the nocturnal lights gives life to the artwork, offering an abstract perspective of our familiar surroundings. Dominating the composition are bright yellow lights that pop out from a dark blue field. Like the artist's memory of his path home, it's not cluttered with unnecessary details. Instead, it zeroes in on the lights, their brightness amplified by their simplicity. The background features a dark red sky, evoking a late evening atmosphere. Zen Dageraad meticulously reduces the size of the lights towards the horizon, lending depth and perspective to the canvas. The artwork serves as a visual poem echoing Zen Dageraad's words, "dark red sky, fields of blue, bright & yellow lights, simply a delight." It's a poignant reminder of the beauty around us, often overlooked in our everyday lives.


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