#651 Few clouds

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Zen Museum #651-Few clouds By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Few clouds

Observed on peaceful days

In living cities

Under gentle spring sun


Deserve and

Maybe have

As much meaning as

Renowned masterpieces

I get tired of making art about my sisters, but when making art about the sky, it's too easy to inject them into whatever other narrative I'm working on. Sometimes, I merely want to look at the sky and appreciate its beauty -- so there's no meaning here. If you're looking for it, please move on. A sky full of clouds is often as impressive as an empty one: not very. Preferably, around 20% of the sky is clouded, but the perspective may be captivating as long as 20% of the blue sky is noticeable. And while looking at such a sky, I feel at ease with life. I'm not sure whether I'm still anxious. Probably, but it's not the type of thing I remember. I am sure I feel like I'm floating along the clouds, and I'm inconsequentially small and irrelevant, which I actually am, of course, but now that realization comforts me.


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