#611 Stressful dreams

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Zen Museum #611-Stressful dreams By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

When my anxiety started
Every time
I went to bed
There was hope
That I would wake up
And be normal again
This hope is now gone
Instead the anxiety
Now even penetrates
My dreams

Anxiety is my only friend that follows me anywhere I go. Whenever I have to do something social that I haven't done before (or just not in a while), like the heroic task of going to an unfamiliar store or calling someone I don't know, there's this familiar but forever unpleasant, anxious feeling. But recently, for seemingly no reason, this anxious feeling is constantly present. Any stress is more stressful, and any otherwise relaxing moments, I'm still on edge, feeling like I forgot something crucial. When it started, every time I went to bed, I hoped I would wake up the next day feeling normal again. However, in recent nights, there hasn't been much hope, just fighting my brain to get to sleep. When I finally win the debate and doze off, the anxiety follows me, even in my dreams.


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