#610 Clocks

For Sale
Zen Museum #610-Clocks By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

More free time
Which I squander
Looking at a
Wall full of clocks
All ticking independently
At different speeds
Wishing I could
Just do something useful
Anything else really

During the workweek, I work a couple of very long days so that my weekends last longer. Any hour I spend making art, I need to waste at least 30 minutes, so having a lengthier weekend makes it easier to get art done. Now, for some reason, when I finally make it to the end of the week, I mostly spend it doing nothing satisfying: playing games or watching videos. Don't get me wrong, I get some art done, but I could accomplish much more. I might as well merely sit in a chair, looking at a wall of clocks, where anytime I look at a different one, hours zoom by, wasted doing nothing but thinking: ""I should stop wasting my time."" Knowing I won't.


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