#590 Airstikes In Gaza

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Zen Museum #590-Airstikes In Gaza By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Observing a
Senseless war
From a somewhat
Seemingly benign
Perspective in the
Cozy safety
Of my home
Knowing that
I don't understand much
Except that
It's a shame

It would definitely be kinda egotistical to think I could have a unique take on this horrible conflict. Can't help but be inspired sometimes though. So to prevent myself from putting something stupid on paper I just painted what I saw. Pretty crazy how we basically can just see 24/7 footage of wars now. Fascinating to look at when you're as bored as me. While airstrikes were happening in Gaza I happened to be watching for a little bit. Weird how impersonal such a perspective is, but sympathy doesn't come easy for me anyway. So that's what I put to paper; a bunch of buildings, some with lights, even though electricity was cut, with a huge fire smoke coming from a building while missiles fly in the air, there's something horrible happening, but can you actually see it?

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