#589 The Hunter

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Zen Museum #589-The Hunter By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

What an
Amazing guitar
I'm sure that
In a million years
You could still relate
To it's blues
Though some
Of the lyrics
Haven't aged amazingly

Inspired by the evocative tunes of Albert King, Zen Dageraad paints a vivid image resonating with musical nostalgia. In the foreground, a fiery red representation of Albert King captivates with his yellow guitar, an unusual scope affixed, suggesting precision in every strum. Adding to the whimsical nature, King's locks flow in a vibrant shade of purple, complementing the adjacent figure. A woman, bathed in a rich red hue with similar purple tresses, graces the backdrop with a cheerful smile, as if dancing to the rhythm. The duo is artistically encased within abstract forms, painted in mesmerizing hues of blue, green, and green-blue, lending a surreal touch. With each brushstroke, Zen Dageraad tells a tale of passion, music, and admiration.


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