#563 Tree By Water

Zen Museum #563-Tree By Water By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i just had to draw
this beautifully
reflected tree
in the water near
the bossche broek

In a serene walk through the peaceful realms of Den Bosch, Zen Dageraad stumbled upon a quaint scenery in the Bosche Broek that stirred the poet and artist in him. A singular tree beside water, it reflected gracefully in the calm, creating an image that beckoned to be captured on canvas. He articulates his compulsion in soft verses: "I just had to draw this beautifully reflected tree in the water near the Bosche Broek." The artistry manifests as a tranquil scene divided into rhythmic spaces of color and form. On one side, a red tree stands adorned with dark green leaves against a backdrop of lighter green grass. Its counterpart, an orange tree with blue-green foliage, resides by the azure expanse of the water. Between these elements, a stretch of pink ground forms a subtle boundary, bridging the grass and water. The intricacies don’t end there; each surface is dissected into various shapes, each filled with slightly different shades, lending a mystique and depth to the portrayal. This delicate attention to hue evokes a serene yet stimulating narrative, embedding the peaceful resonance of that simple, inspiring moment in Den Bosch within the hearts of the spectators.


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