#562 Man With Hat

Zen Museum #562-Man With Hat By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

near the bossche broek
i saw this man in a hat
& i thought hey picasso
how about that
does it look at all
like your girl on a ball?
maybe yes
maybe no
maybe both
i don't know

Delve into a riveting narrative encapsulated in Zen Dageraad's unique art piece, reflecting an encounter near the bosche broek, immortalized both in poetic and visual mediums. The artwork resonates with the whimsical essence of a chance encounter, channeling the spirit of Picasso, as witnessed through the poetic lines 'near the bosche broek, I saw this man in a hat & I thought hey Picasso, how about that.' The artwork’s inception came from a serene walk in Den Bosch, near the bosche broek, where Zen Dageraad saw a man with a hat that spurred the desire to etch the image onto canvas. Notably, just before this creative urge, Zen Dageraad explored imitating Picasso's 'Girl on the ball', finding an intriguing blend of similarity and contrast between the two renditions. Central to the canvas is a purple man adorned with a pink hat, expressing a narrative through gestures; waving with his left hand towards another hat-wearing figure in the distance, this one veiled in green. Over the arc of the reaching arm, a small green chair hovers amidst an orange backdrop, under a serene blue sky hosting three green birds. The scene, filled with abstract symbolism, bridges the space between the quaint reality of Den Bosch and the whimsical allure of Picasso’s imagination.


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