#532 Two Gurus In Drag

Zen Museum #532-Two Gurus In Drag By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

it ain’t easy

i agree


i won’t

crucify you


i drew

an ode to

the ballad

of yoko & you

Wrapped in the vibrant world of Zen Dageraad's artistry, we uncover an unusual tableau - two figures, encapsulated in striking shades of green, comfortably tucked into a bed, their sprawling purple tresses cascading to the edges of the page. The figures, reminiscent of two gurus in disguise, present an intriguing scene, their presence complemented by a curious red guitar with a dark red border, resting on the bed's edge. Strangely enough, it's the bed that first catches our attention - its sides colored in varied hues of blue, creating an offbeat perspective, its borders bathed in a vibrant yellow, a hue echoed by the pillows cradled on its surface. A blue-green lamp, casting an orange glow, stands partially obscured by the bed, offering an odd sense of displacement. Framing the room are two windows, subtly shaded in differing purples, overlooking a backdrop of red walls and a pink floor, while a duo of flowers rests quietly at the bottom. Drawing inspiration from a cryptic lyric within 'The Ballad of John and Yoko' by The Beatles, this masterpiece subtly weaves in a narrative echoed by a heartfelt poem. The artist's words offer a soothing refrain – 'it ain’t easy, I agree, and I won’t crucify you, instead, I drew an ode to the ballad of yoko & you.' A journey through layers of visual storytelling and poetic language, Zen Dageraad's work is a truly memorable experience.


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