#531 White Bridge

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Zen Museum #531-White Bridge By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

there is

a white bridge

near my house

& the grass

is greener here

& the trees

& the bushes

are greener too

& the colors

more brilliant

so i gave

my white bridge

untroubled water

Immerse yourself in the serene realm of Zen Dageraad's art piece, where the essence of tranquility is encapsulated in vivid colors and familiar scenes. The main subject, a radiant white bridge adorned with soft pink borders, stretches from left to right across the piece, a harmonious contrast to the effervescent greens enveloping it. The artist has added a body of water, absent from the original perspective but significant to the piece's allure. Shades of blue with dark lines, and strikingly, two red lines, mirror the bridge above and the world around it. Surrounding the bridge are trees of varied green hues, their pink trunks standing stark yet beautiful against the landscape. A unique touch by Dageraad, they diminish in size the farther they ascend the piece, with one partially concealing the bridge. The diversity of greens extend to a bush bordered with purple, intriguingly concealing a portion of the bridge view. The ground itself is a blend of blue-green, shadowed by the bridge and trees. Every element mirrors the poem's narrative - a white bridge, a world more vibrant around it, and an artist's creative liberty of 'untroubled water'. It's not just a drawing, but a gateway to a peaceful place 'near my house', where 'the grass is greener', 'the trees and bushes are greener too', and 'the colors more brilliant'.


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