#521 Forest

Zen Museum #521-Forest By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

beautiful sights

are all around

and i'm sure

you'll find


something great

can be found


if you know

how to look

Explore the vibrant embrace of nature through Zen Dageraad's unique artistic perspective. Inspired by a hidden pocket of serenity, this illustration brings to life a miniature world nestled amongst urban dwellings. The focus is a length of water, flanked by towering trees - a scene of simple beauty, yet it captivates with its sheer verdant allure. Breaking from reality's color palette, Dageraad employs vivid hues to imbue depth and intrigue. The water dances in an unnatural blue, reflecting the red tree trunks that defy convention with their green and purple tones. Leaves don a striking orange, contrasted by the pink reflections dancing on the water's surface. The grass basks in yellow, subtly shifting to a darker shade under the tree's shadow, conveying depth and dimension. Despite the unusual perspective that reveals hidden layers, the message remains grounded in nature appreciation. The art echoes the sentiments of a poem - finding beauty and greatness in the simplest, most unexpected places, if only one knows how to look.


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