#520 The Beat Goes on

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Zen Museum #520-The Beat Goes on By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

the beat goes on

& everything

revolves around the sun

after all

of course of course

but sometimes

that is just hard to see

or is it just me?

it is just me

after all

of course of course

i am the sun

& i needed the space


An alluring art piece that spins a captivating tale of life's eternal motion. With its roots steeped in the rhythm of an iconic song, the artwork embodies the harmony of existence, mirroring the ceaseless rotations of the celestial bodies around the sun. At the heart of this piece is the winding path, a metaphorical road of life bordered by dense foliage, leading into an enticing unknown. The inclusion of Luna, Sky, and the Sun dancing in the azure canvas above adds an ethereal touch to the piece, illustrating the celestial dance of life. The vibrant hues infuse the scene with dynamism, while floral elements bring an earthy charm. Although more discernible in person, their subtlety online adds an element of intrigue. This is Zen Dageraad's initial foray into A3 drawings, further enriching the narrative with a personal, symbolic touch. Experience the ebb and flow of existence through the eyes of the artist.


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