#653 Eggs

For Sale
Zen Museum #653-Eggs By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad


Overrepresented and underrated

Billions eaten, others

Housing the future inhabitants

To be devoured, too

When's the last time you've thought about breathing, or how to walk, or any of the hundreds of household items you've seen every day since basically the start of your life? Well, I hadn't thought about eggs -- chicken eggs specifically, in a while. It fluctuates, though generally, eggs are, and have been, a big part of my diet. They're pretty good. One day, during easter, while talking with my almost 2-year-old nephew, he pointed at an egg and accurately said: 'egg,' which I agreed to -- then I understood that I had to make art about eggs. Because even though their competition is fierce, eggs have some of the best marketability out there in terms of appearance.


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