#619 The Bowl

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Zen Museum #619-The Bowl By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

One morning I,
Like most of my ancestors,
Used a bowl
To make my breakfast
And I guess
I must've realized
How beautiful
And practical
That bowl was

A while before I work on the ideas I develop into art pieces, I send them to myself using WhatsApp. I can only presume that this idea came while making breakfast using a bowl. I suppose I must've thought about how practical, and maybe even beautiful, the bowl was. And about how universal the tool is to humans and has been for centuries. Or, more likely, I was just in the mood for coming up with ideas. Sometimes, but rarely, I've got great ideas that, on merit alone, make for great art. If I only were to develop those great ideas, I wouldn't make much art at all. And because I don't know any rules about making art, I need to make a lot of (less outstanding) art to improve. So, most of the time, I work on ideas that are merely an excuse to work on more art. But don't get it twisted. These ideas are way more important than the great ones: The great ideas make a fantastic piece by themselves. But to develop anything good with worse ideas requires putting a special kind of thought into it, which, with time, will make all my art better.

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