#617 Nails Keep Growing

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Zen Museum #617-Nails Keep Growing By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

As a human there are
So many things
That you need
To keep doing
Like paying taxes
Or eating or sleeping
But the worst of them
Is that nails keep growing
And so you need to
Keep cutting them
Always just too short

For a human, many annoying things are certain. Among those, the obvious are breathing, hunger, thirst, tiredness, labor, rent, taxes, buying anything, and death. Anyone who does not experience all of those might be inside of a human body, but they're not human. In the same way, a church without God is only a building, and a forest without trees is simply a bare plane. But the worst of the unavoidables is the growing of my nails. Much too often, there comes a point where I realize they've grown much too long, a point where I have to get a nail cutter and always end up cutting them way too far.


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