#613 Hospital At Night

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Zen Museum #613-Hospital At Night By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Like an angel
The Jeroen Bosch Hospital
Which towers over
All surrounding buildings
Shines bright
At night
Almost signaling
All the people
Dying and
Getting saved

On the outskirts of Den Bosch, close to where I live, there's a great hospital called the 'Jeroen Bosch Hospital' named after the famous painter. It's hard to miss the building when I go for a stroll. I have no emotional attachment to the hospital as I'm just not that kind of person, but I've got some memories there; It's the place where I first saw my nephew, Valentijn, after he was just born, the place where I delivered my excrement twice, and where they stole my blood once. And where, while doing psychedelic truffles with my friend, we got stranded on a bench because my friend was losing his mind. His father called an ambulance (even though we could've just walked). While waiting, I stared at the hospital, trying to stay sane. I could lie and tell you this painting is about my memories. But it's not. The extraordinary hospital, when it gets dark, shines beautifully. And that's the only reason why I decided to paint it. If it reminds me of anything, it's all the sick people in there, some of them barely surviving or coming to the end of their lives as you're reading this. You might be able to make a parallel to some of Jeroen Bosch his paintings if you'd like, but instead, I let the building itself entertain me.


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