#601 Coach's Garbage Containers

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Zen Museum #601-Coach's Garbage Containers By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

My old coach
Painted these great
Garbage containers
And anytime
I walk past
I think about
All the people
I used to know
And what they
Might be up to now
And if I'll
Ever meet them

"When I quit playing basketball, I had played half my life. One afternoon, I realized that the sport cost more effort than I could care to put in. And as I do when I conclude somewhere or with something, I left the game behind: I haven't touched a basketball since or talked to anyone I used to play with. A couple of coaches trained me over the years, and honestly, I mostly don't remember them or what they taught me. Whatever it was, it certainly isn't that helpful anymore. But, probably my favorite coach, maybe the best, is whose garbage containers this painting is about. It's pretty interesting, though also very obvious and predictable, how you can meet people you've known in the past in unexpected ways. I hadn't thought about him in years and certainly didn't expect to meet him again. So apparently, my old coach is an artist who painted these garbage containers, which happened to be on this street I travel past quite often. And now, every time I walk by, I take a good look and think about my old coach and basketball, all the people I played with, and how one day, like the sport, I might drop any art I do as well. The art has meaning, which I connect with, but the context about who created it and how it relates to me inspired me to make something of my own."


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