#599 Highway

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Zen Museum #599-Highway By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

I'm rarely
On a highway
But whenever
I walk past one
The perspective
And thoughts about
All the people
Passing by
Entertain me

"Humans spend so much time on highways in cars, going to many places, and most often coming back too. While on the road, the perspectives are fascinating but repetitive. But if you're wasting your time away, traveling huge distances, you might as well enjoy whatever repetitive sights you find. Convincing yourself that the tedious elements of life are fascinating is a superpower that I wish I could tap into more often. But honestly, now that I don't live with my parents anymore, being in cars is a rarity, let alone being on highways. If I do happen to travel, it's often by train, but I mostly don't go anywhere. So this painting is more about my perspective when I walk past the highway at the edge of Den Bosch, gazing into the endless roads, enviously thinking about the countless people going by, many of whom I might never see again, who are riding their cars going to many fascinating, or so I presume, places and coming back."


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