#592 The Bench

For Sale
Zen Museum #592-The Bench By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Around Den Bosch
There are these
Great Benches with
Amazing perspectives
Inspiring all
My art
Really they
Not me
Should be
Getting the credit

Going for walks is one of the best hobbies I've got. It's undefeated not only because moving is healthy for a human (like me) but also because it's a great way to waste time, listen to music, and get ideas for art. There are many benches around Den Bosch with beautiful perspectives, or at least sights that have me convinced of their beauty, which is one thing I definitely do thank this city for. Often while out and about I find myself sitting on one of those benches, with or without a piece of paper and a marker, looking at those beautiful sights. It's all meaningless and a waste of time, yet still mesmerizing and, more importantly, inspiring for my next piece of art I can waste even more time on. This piece is dedicated to none specifically but all of those benches I've sat on before and will sit on in the future.


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