#585 When The Music Is Over

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Zen Museum #585-When The Music Is Over By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Do you see
The light
That can never
Be turned off
Because somehow
The music will
Always persist

Drawn from inspiration by a renowned track from the Doors, this art piece captures the raw emotion behind the lyric "when the music is over, turn out the lights." At the heart of the creation, a blue figure, bathed in a pink shadow, fervently dances beneath a luminous yellow beacon, suggesting that for some, music remains an unending force. The poignant sentiment suggests that life's essence can be found in the melodies and rhythms that resonate within us. Zen Dageraad, the artist, encapsulates this with the surrounding setting: a room painted in varying shades of deep purple. Each element, from the intricately shaded roof and walls to the contrasting floor levels connected by stairs, showcases the depths and dimensions of one's passion for music and life itself.


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