#578 Poisoning Myself?

Zen Museum #578-Poisoning Myself? By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

If you want,
To Achieve,
Perfect health,
Here's a,
Golden tip:
Put any poison,
In your food.


Or at least,
If you do,
Eat it.

Reflecting on a period of illness, Zen Dageraad delves into a self-inflicted theory through his expressive art piece. The narrative reveals an emotional confrontation; despite not literally poisoning himself, the artist acknowledges a negligence akin to self-harm, portraying this realization through an evocative color palette and surreal imagery. Within a purple room, a blue figure is depicted in the act of unwitting self-poisoning—a metaphor for consuming spoiled food. The figure’s large hand guides a green spoon towards red lips, while simultaneously introducing a green bottle of poison into a bowl resting on a yellow table. This profound portrayal not only touches on self-reflection but encapsulates a common human folly—ignorance towards one's well-being due to mundane distractions. The raw candidness of this artwork invites viewers to confront their own missteps, thus igniting a dialogue on self-awareness and consequence.


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