#575 Valentijn's Lamp

For Sale
Zen Museum #575-Valentijn's Lamp By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i am not sure
if i am trying to capture
valentijn's excitement
or really
just documenting & observing
him happily pointing away
at lamps & lamps & lamps

In this evocative piece by Zen Dageraad, an innocent exploration is tenderly encapsulated. At the core of the artwork lies the curious essence of a young child, embodied through the depiction of a pink hand pointing at an orange lamp. The narrative unfolds within the simplistic yet profound act of a baby nephew's constant pointing, a mere observation that carries the beauty of discovery and the endless wonders seen through youthful eyes. The lamp, characterized by varying shades to establish depth, emanates a warm, orange glow across the canvas, embodying the child’s enthusiasm in every radiating streak of light against a cool blue backdrop. The contrasting coolness of the background further accentuates the warmth, making it a tender tableau of a child’s fascinated interaction with the mundane. This piece not only celebrates the naive inquisitiveness of youth but also preserves the fleeting moments of sheer amazement in the ordinary.


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