#573 Too Sick To Be Happy

Zen Museum #573-Too Sick To Be Happy By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

feeling too sick
to really enjoy life
frowning as time
passes me by
while i am locked up

In Zen Dageraad's evocative artwork, the central figure – portrayed green with striking red hair – stands in stark contrast to a room adorned with hues of pink intermingling with green-blue walls. The figure's evident frown echoes the challenge of finding joy after battling illness for an extended period. The dichotomy of the room's two windows offers a poignant commentary on the fleeting nature of time. To the left, a window frames the solemn moon, twinkling stars, and a brooding night sky; to the right, a window reveals the radiant sun against a bright backdrop. Both serve as reminders of time's relentless march, even when one feels stagnant. The choice of a purple floor, grounding the entire piece, further amplifies the internal turmoil Zen experienced during a prolonged period of ill health.


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