#571 In A Silent Way

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Zen Museum #571-In A Silent Way By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

trying to capture
this place
i visit
i listen
to miles davis
in a silent way

Journey into the depths of Zen Dageraad's artistry, a visual ode to the iconic rhythms of Miles Davis. Just as the notes of "In A Silent Way" carry listeners to far-off sanctuaries of tranquility, so does this artwork. Delve into the peaceful sanctuary of nature: trees with ethereal pink trunks and mystical purple leaves stand in graduated prominence. Foremost, a singular tree anchors the viewer, leading to another in the mid-ground, and further on, a distant row completes the triad. The leaves, masterfully segmented in varying shades, exude depth, enhancing the three-dimensional allure. A serene blue swath graces the foreground, flanked by verdant fields, intricately differentiated by shades. Ascend your gaze, and a warm yellow sky awaits, punctuated by fiery red clouds and the gentle flutter of birds.


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