#548 Psychedelic Blues

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Zen Museum #548-Psychedelic Blues By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

psychedelic blues

listening to the doors

thinking about

jimmy hendrix

neither him nor

jim morrison

managed to become

old & blind

like picasso

& his guitarplayer

Immerse yourself in Zen Dageraad's mesmerizing representation of rock nostalgia and cubist influence. The centerpiece of the work is a large guitar, its blue hues ranging from dark outlines to a lighter body, emanating an ethereal quality. It stretches across the scene, its top barely visible, three vivid green strings cutting through its form, resonating with an unsung melody. The backdrop reveals four walls, two darker and two lighter shades of green, playing with perceptions of space and depth. A yellow window punctuates the left wall, with a radiant pink sun painting everything in its path with a blush streak. The sun's psychedelic effects capture the essence of an era defined by the likes of Hendrix and Morrison, their music echoing in the silence of the room. The central wall houses a purple door, a nod to the mystical and the unknown, a symbol of the Doors that initially sparked Dageraad's inspiration. Drawing from Picasso's 'Le vieux guitariste aveugle', the artwork invites the viewer into a realm where legendary musicians never grow old, their music forever resonating within the confines of this vibrant space.


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