#516 BlueJayWay

Zen Museum #516-BlueJayWay By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

george harrison meet lewis caroll

try to stay awake

don't fall in the rabbit hole

and become an

opium smoking caterpillar

who is it you say?

who has lost their way

to blue jay way?

tell me george

tell me really true

is it really them or

is it really you?

Inspired by a Beatles' song penned by George Harrison, the artwork encapsulates the ethereal, psychedelic vibe of the track. It paints an evocative scene of Harrison lounging on a bench, hands clasped, wrestling with the lure of sleep. The piece is underscored by a poem, a surreal fusion of George Harrison and Lewis Carroll's worlds. It playfully warns of the danger of falling into a rabbit hole and becoming an opium-smoking caterpillar, a nod to Carroll's fantastical universe. The poem poses a poignant question, who has lost their way? Is it the song's friends or is it the song's creator himself? The artwork and the poem together create a tantalizing narrative, blurring the line between reality and dreams, individuality and universality. It's a reflection on the nature of identity, a kaleidoscopic journey that invites viewers to ponder, is it really them or is it really you?


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