#514 Beloved Monster

Zen Museum #514-Beloved Monster By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

one fine day

looking in the pond

i saw this monster

& it's the funniest thing

i did not scare me

i said how do you do?

& have a nice day

i made me smile

Inspired by the evocative song from Eels. While the exact meaning behind the song remains enigmatic, this drawing portrays a compelling narrative. At its core, the piece depicts a figure, possibly the artist themselves, peering into the depths of water and encountering their "beloved monster." Despite this revelation, the subject maintains a serene smile, symbolizing their acceptance of their inner complexities. The artwork embraces a minimalist color scheme, primarily showcasing hues of orange and yellow, which create a warm and inviting background. These colors seamlessly extend to the portrayal of the "beloved monster," representing the interconnectedness between the subject and their inner self. A vibrant green road, embellished with a delicate pink border, winds its way through the composition, serving as a poignant symbol of the subject's journey. As the road recedes into the distance, it progressively diminishes in size, reinforcing the idea that life continues despite one's self-perceived "monstrosity." The captivating blue water, adorned with a charming pink border, mirrors the blues employed in depicting the subject. This visual consistency reinforces the connection between the figure and their reflection, emphasizing their mutual existence. Notably, the artwork features enchanting purple and green gradient "blobs" dispersed throughout the orange and yellow regions, adding an element of intrigue and whimsy to the composition. Accompanied by a thought-provoking poem, #514 Beloved Monster invites viewers to ponder the acceptance of one's complexities with grace and a smile.


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