#512 Stairs

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Zen Museum #512-Stairs By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

no yellow brick road exactly
consider the yellow railings
consider the shades of pink
consider the shades of green
and you’ve got to admit
there’s just no escaping
kees van dongen’s eyes
is there?
not for me
there is

An enigmatic art piece that breathes life into an ordinary setting through an imaginative blend of colors and elements. At first glance, the art captures one's attention with its dominant yellow railings, evoking a sense of intrigue. A poem accompanying the piece gracefully expresses that, although not as magical as the yellow brick road, the combination of yellow railings with various shades of pink and green resonates deeply, with a captivating charm. The artist uses different shades of roses to impart depth to the walls, while the contrasting shades of green render depth to the stairs. The lines of the building and stairs are consistently colored to maintain harmony. A prominent, striking element is the eye embedded in the wall, paying homage to Kees van Dongen, whose captivating eyes seem to haunt the artist’s consciousness. Interestingly, the perspective in #512 Stairs is a tad peculiar, adding an abstract layer that challenges the viewer's perception. The piece, overall, is a vivid tapestry that creatively elevates the mundane.

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