#508 Zen

Zen Museum #508-Zen By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i am zen

zen i am

if that sounds deep

well that’s on you

my hair

like jesus wore it hallelujah i adore it

my moustache

yes it’s there mom goddammit what are you blind?

my eyes

my shaded eyes

well who’s to tell?

let me tell you


even though i am blaming kees


i think it’s just me

i am zen

the dawn of men

An introspective and captivating self-portrait by Zen Dageraad Visser. A symphony of symbolism and self-reflection, this piece embarks on a journey into the artist's inner world. The canvas is adorned with sweeping locks of hair, representing not only a physical attribute but also an allegory for how the artist’s tresses often cloud his own vision. Adding a dash of humor and desire, a pronounced moustache takes center stage, underlining Zen's personal aspirations. Additionally, the artist's eyes are veiled behind glasses, which may signify a protective barrier due to his introverted nature or a simple divergence from his usual 'Kees van Dongen' style eyes. The background intermingles three harmonious colors, subtly whispering of complexity and unity. Accompanying the artwork is a whimsical poem, which reinforces the elements and adds depth to the narrative. Through light-hearted verse, it invites viewers to experience the essence of Zen, who symbolically dawns as a reflection of everyman. In #508 Zen, Dageraad Visser brilliantly intertwines raw self-portrayal with evocative symbolism.


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